About Harmonize My Life
The Harmonize My Life Musical Transformation Process was designed to help individuals create new empowering beliefs in an easy and fun way in all the major areas of their life with specially created songs that use affirmations as the lyrics, transformational frequencies and ...

How this music transforms lives
Discover The Magic of Transformational Songs
Listen to founder and CEO, Richard Webb, discuss what makes Transformational Songs different than regular affirmations. Join us as we work to transforming this world with positive, inspiring and healing music for the body, mind and soul.
Love Rules The World Music Video
This song was written for the betterment of humanity. The people are the ones with the power and with that power, we choose freedom and prosperity for all of the human race. We are committed to creating that brighter future that we so desire.
Richard Webb - My Story (Mumbai, India)
On Jan 30, 2017 (in Mumbai, India), I shared my story of how and why I decided to write songs that use affirmations, positive messages & more that are designed to help us create positive change in our lives through music.
beam meditation
The B.E.A.M Meditation
The B.E.A.M Meditation stands for Binaural Empowerment Accelerator Music. It is a powerful way to bypass the part of your brain that rejects change so that the powerful affirmational statements go more directly into the subsconcious. The way this works is through the creation of ...